Was steckt eigentlich in unserem Plumper Extreme?

What is actually in our Plumper Extreme?

We often hear the question: How is it actually possible to get full lips with a serum?
Many doubt it because it sounds too good to be true. But it really is. There is absolutely nothing harmful in our serum.

The most important active ingredients at a glance:

🤍 Water - it forms the basis for our plumper and protects the lips from drying out.

🤍 Vitamin E - protects lips from cold and heat.

🤍 Amino Acid/Hyaluronic Acid - Nourishes and absorbs deep into the lips, then moisturizes. The padding effect repairs small cracks in the lips.

🤍 Vanillyl butyl ether - stimulates blood circulation and triggers the warming feeling in the lips. Combats pale lips.

🤍 Chili - HOT HOT HOT! Since our product contains chili powder, the packaging says: Burns like am******cker. And that is indeed the case.

Our Plumper Extreme was rated VERY GOOD by Dermatest in 2021 in terms of skin compatibility and results.

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