Wie kam es zu unserem Plump-Bundle?

How did our plump bundle come about?

Our superstars and absolute bestsellers are without a doubt our two Plump products. They meet the spirit of the times and that is why they are very popular, because they enlarge the lips in just a few minutes.

There are now quite a few Plump products. They are in very different price ranges, but all guarantee the same effect: fuller lips without going under the knife. The competition is not small, but neither was it when we launched our products. Personally, we didn't find a single plumper to convince us why we did what? Exactly we created our own Plump products.

Clumsy extremes🔥

Our Plumper Extreme, as the second word EXTREME suggests, is not for the faint of heart. It was very important to us to find a formula that offers an effect. True to the motto: If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer. It really burns like hell but you have an effect and that's exactly what we wanted.

The serum is applied directly to the lips. The more product you put on your lips, the more blatant the effect. Now it's time to wait and drink tea..well, maybe it's better not to drink tea, because the tingling in the lips can get pretty strong. 😋

After about 5 minutes you will clearly see a difference and this will become even more pronounced in the next few minutes. The effect convinced us, but we were still missing something... a certain shine. And so we come to the second star:

Plump gloss

The gloss is transparent and deliberately so. Because the blood circulation is stimulated, the lips automatically become redder. The gloss is applied over the serum and also tingles a bit, but compared to the Plumper Extreme it's nothing. Et voila after 5 minutes the overall result is ideal: full, reddened lips with a beautiful shine.

The LipBoom brand was born out of the idea of ​​bringing our own plump products onto the market. We built the care products around the two Plump products. We asked ourselves questions like: What can you do in preparation so that the effect of the Plump products is as great as possible? By asking questions like these, we created three care products that we believe are essential for the best result.

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