Volle Lippen natürlich und ohne Hyaluronsäure

Full lips naturally and without hyaluronic acid

Who doesn't dream about it? Full, slightly reddened lips that catch your eye.

Many people go under the knife for beauty trends and visit the Beauty Doc - and the trend is rising.💉
The more time we spend on social media like Instagram and TikTok, the more doubts creep into our subconscious until one day they reach consciousness. Yes, and now what?
Beautydocs are googled first and then sought out. The problem here is the high costs and the risk that you might not like the result after all.
Because what we dream about is contradictory: We go under the knife in order to still look as natural as possible afterwards.

We want to counteract this trend of lip injections by having a serum in our range that promises exactly the same thing: fuller and redder lips in minutes - and naturally.💞

Our Plumper Extrem is the strongest plumper on the market and definitely not for the faint of heart. The serum is applied to the lips and after about 5 minutes you will notice the first changes. Blood circulation is stimulated and the lips are fuller and redder. And all without an injection and high costs.
The effect varies from person to person. Some people apply the plumper several times a day, for some just putting it on their lips in the morning is enough. This is simply explained by the fact that everyone's metabolism is different. In some cases, the product is broken down more quickly by your body, so you can reapply without worry.

In addition to the Plumper Extreme, you can also find the Plumper Gloss in our shop. This doesn't penetrate the lips quite as deeply as the serum, but you can still achieve a plump effect with the gloss. In addition, the lips shimmer naturally afterwards and feel super soft.

Yes, applying both products is not for the faint of heart! It burns and that's how it has to be. Both products were tested by Dermatest and rated “VERY GOOD” in terms of skin compatibility and results. So you don't have to worry at all.

Although applying it burns quite a bit, having a syringe rammed into your lips is probably even more painful. 😉

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